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Bellingham Sports & Spine Physical Therapy (BSSPT), providing physical therapy in Whatcom County, for the Tri County area, WA, is dedicated to providing the best clinical practices which allow for best client outcomes.

We foster excellence and team work among our team members to ensure that each client has benefits maximally from our combined knowledge and skill.

We are supportive of the community in which we work, frequently contributing to causes and campaigns that aid those around us.

Our culture makes our clients feel welcome and at ease from the moment they step in the door, and we blend this customer intimacy with the best clinical expertise. Our physical therapists have advanced training, experience, and keep abreast of new developments in our profession. We are continually learning and adding to our skillsets.

Philosophically, we are dedicated to practicing with discrimination and purpose to help you return to living your life fully and joyfully.

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