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What is Physical Therapy?
Physical Therapists are specialists in movement. We work to restore and promote optimal painfree mobility in all walks of life. Our "devotion to motion", as the American Physical Therapy Association states, has led the profession to be the leading experts in this field.

What do PT's do?
We initiate at first visit a thorough and complete evaluation of your chief complaint. This includes an interview/screening of pertinent medical information, an overview of systems and a brief scan of involved body parts. Focus is narrowed to a detailed biomechanical exam, if contraindications have not been raised. The resultant differential diagnosis, clinical reasoning and current clinical prediction rules are used in carefully planning treatment programs and prognosis.

What treatments can I expect?
Treatments are chosen based on the physical therapists evaluation and conclusions. Frequently, manual therapy and exercises are applied to address the specific complaint. Most clients will be encouraged to participate in their recovery by carefully employing the physical therapist prescribed home exercise programs and self care instructions. Both client and physical therapist work together to optimize a speedy recovery of painfree motion to achieve their goals.

Cancellation Policy: 3 cancellations will put clients on a "same day" call list. If clients cancel more than 24 hrs in advance, you will not be charged. If you cancel less than 24 hrs in advance or fail to come to a scheduled appointment, there will be a fee according to your insurance guidelines.

Clothing Policy: Wear clothing that allows for 1. Freedom of motion. 2. Access to body parts being treated.

PT & PTA's: All clients will be seen by a Physical Therapist for their initial evaluation. All other visits may be administered by a PT or PTA.

Bellingham Sports and Spine Physical Therapy is now credentialed
with most health insurances. Please call for specifics.
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